A convex mirror is quickly becoming one of the most widely used mechanisms deployed by business and warehouse owners to ensure the safety of their property and staff and avoid costly accidents. Convex mirrors work on very simple physics principles.

Overview Of Applications And Working Principles

Convex mirrors have a wide variety of uses today especially in the field of security where they are used as a theft deterrent. Convex mirrors magnify objects and make them seem smaller and thus allow for a wider perspective to be obtained as compared to standard mirrors.

Business And Warehouse Applications

Many businesses are victims of shoplifting and stock-shrinkage both on their retailing floors and in the warehouses that store their merchandise. A convex mirror that is linked wirelessly with a live feed can easily be set up using Microsoft tech support, would be the best solution to solving these problems as it can conveniently be located anywhere within those establishments and used to monitor areas such as entryways, halls, aisles, or corridors where such theft is rampant. Convex mirrors can similarly be used to observe external areas such as driveways and parking lots.

Affordability, Ease Of Set Up, And Other Uses

Convex mirrors provide an affordable option that businesses and warehouses can employ to monitor their establishments for any suspicious activities and they thus also serve as a way of ensuring the safety of their customers. They can also be used to observe the productivity of employees and prevent any accidents. In case a crime is actually committed in those businesses, convex mirrors can be set up to provide an accurate record to law enforcement.

Quality, Convenience And Versatility Of Convex Mirrors

Most convex mirrors are light in weight and can be installed in a short amount of time. The mirrors can also be custom-made to meet the specific security requirements of any business. Convex mirrors are quite versatile and come in any shape or size for convenient installation in any areas that may require more security and protection. Convex mirrors provide a more economical option than installing surveillance cameras or hiring extra security personnel.

Even More Benefits Of Convex Mirrors

Another common business application for convex mirrors has seen them used as inspection mirrors that are used by guard s at security check points to check for any suspicious objects underneath vehicles that are driving into a business establishment. Most people assume that convex mirrors can only be made of glass but advanced research has seen new convex mirror designs that use more durable and shutter-free materials.

Use In Traffic Management And Safety

Finally, convex mirrors have also been applied in securing the assets of those engaging in the shuttle, transit and school bus business where safety is of optimal importance. This is especially so in the school buses where children are usually the main passengers. The bus drivers are the ones that would stand to benefit the most from the use of convex mirrors, as they can be used to easily check what is going on in the rear of the bus.


These facts have surely established the many benefits of using a convex mirror in your warehouse/business. We hope that we have fully convinced all to try convex mirrors in their own businesses.

Convex mirrors or what are also known as the diverging mirrors are spherical reflecting curves outward wherein its bulging or expanding side faces source of light. This type of mirror has several uses where many of these were used for different purposes like Keep an eye on your kidshelping drivers in the road, and even for security purposes. You can also keep your eyes on your kids with convex mirror.

Convex mirrors can make the object appear smaller compared to its real size, thus, allow wider viewpoint of smaller space. It can be used indoors and outdoors whatever the weather is, since it is very durable. It can hold strategy in getting rays that diverged as quickly as it reflected. Compared to the standard mirror, this type of mirror has broad vision type. This is the reason why convex mirrors were considered valuable particularly on highway and security reasons. Aside from this, it is already widely use as security instruments to keep your eyes on your kids with convex mirror as the usage of this mirror allows you to see wider view of the place, thus, monitor what is happening.

By means of using convex mirror, you will be able to see better locations even if you are far from your children. Convex mirrors are not only used on business establishments for security purposes because it also offers other uses. In fact, this type of mirror is also very effective to keep your eyes on your kids with convex mirror while they playing in a playground or everywhere. Since security convex mirrors are known with its diverging ability, you can use it effectively in guiding your little kids while they are playing. You do not have to keep close to them because you can keep your eyes on your kids with convex mirror by just looking at it. You will be able to see the entire play area while they are playing.

keep your eyes on your kids with convex mirror is quite hard because kids really do love to play where they run, crawl, and jump wherever they want. Of course you do not want to play with them all the time just to make sure that your little darling is safe. But through convex mirror, you do not have to run and play with your kids in order to guide them to safety because it is now possible for you to keep your eyes on your kids with convex mirror and see what they are doing. It has a wide range view, thus, you will still be able to look over them while they are playing. Convex mirrors can use even outdoors because it is durable. So, you can mount it in a chair or quite higher area in the playground to see the entire reflection of the place.

One warehouse we are aware of using a convex security mirror in conjunction with a doorbell to determine who is at the front.  For example, when someone pushes the doorbell located out front, the outdoor convex mirror is positioned right above the mirror so all the receptionist needs to do is look out the window and they can see who is at the front wanting to enter.  This is a low cost, easy way to save money and secure your employees.

Aside from this, convex mirrors can also be used indoors. So, while you are cooking and preparing your lunch or dinner, you can still be able to keep your eyes on your kids. It is possible for you to look over your kids while you are cooking, cleaning, and doing other things. You can mount the convex mirror at the wall of your house in order for you to see wider area.

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Convex MirrorPeople coming in and out of shopping malls are not anymore new in today’s society. Because of the necessities and enjoyment people can get from these establishments, they keep on going back again and again to the place. However, not all people intend to go inside these shopping malls just to buy their things but potentially to do something, which owners of the mall definitely don’t want to happen. This is where the idea comes in which states that mall security can be enhanced by use of a convex mirror.

Indeed, mall security can be enhanced by use of a convex mirror. More and more business establishments particularly malls choose to install this kind of device not only because of the security it brings, but also because of the help it offers in preventing shoplifters and any unwanted incidences from happening.

Mall Security Can Be Enhanced By Use of a Convex Mirror, Why?

In order for you to maximize the use of convex mirrors when it comes to security, you first need to know what it is and how it works. If you still don’t know what a convex mirror is, it is a sphere-shaped reflecting surface that is able to reflect objects from different directions. Objects will be reflected on this mirror only when light is present. Since malls are provided with lights in each corner, it is the best place where convex mirrors can be used. This is why mall security can be enhanced by use of a convex mirror.

It is well examined that convex mirrors can be the best option for mall security because it is where the high number of shoplifting occurs. If you are one of the owners of such business establishment, it will be helpful if you consider the use of convex mirrors. This is surely effective because your mall security can be enhanced by use of a convex mirror. These kinds of mirrors allow you observe the place all the time and lessen unwanted incidences. With its use, you can keep your business working smoothly and effectively.

Since a mall is a big business establishment, it can be more useful if you will install one convex mirror in each of its corners. Doing so will enable you to observe every person who roams around the establishment and immediately make an action if ever you sight some unusual motions in your store.

One of the main reasons why convex mirrors should be considered in business establishments is its durability. Unlike other security devices that can be easily broken down or malfunction, convex mirrors can be trusted to last long. They can withstand the test of time, which allows you to appreciate more of its use. Even if you put it outside of your establishment, you are sure that even the extreme weather conditions cannot harm its functionality. Therefore, if you still don’t believe that mall security can be enhanced by use of a convex mirror, try to use it and conclude after you have proven its use.

Safety convex mirrorSimple things can create a huge importance in life. One of the examples is the use of mirror in the modern world. Basically, mirrors are used for proper grooming purposes. However, the use of these items does not stop there. These things are also used as side mirrors in vehicles for traffic safety purposes. Mirrors play a vital role in safety and security purposes. Like in other places, the main purpose is to improve the field of vision in your facility with safety mirror.

The use of mirror is less expensive compared to the use of some gadgets such as CCTV cameras. Small stores can place a safety mirror to improve the field of vision in the area and prevent possible cases of theft. Convex or diverging mirrors can be used as safety mirrors since it produces an upright image and helps to improve the field of vision in your facility with safety mirror.

Safety mirrors come in different sizes and shapes.  The use of safety mirrors depends on the size of the facility. Whatever size or shape you use, the main purpose is to improve the field of vision in your facility with safety mirror. What are the benefits if you improve the field of vision in your facility with safety mirror? The following are some of the benefits of using safety mirrors in your facility:

  • If you improve the field of vision in your facility with safety mirror, you will also ensure the security and safety of the workers, customers and guests. The safety mirror will serve as the workers’ guide to extend their visibility on the corner and aisle to avoid possible accidents.
  • It is also important to improve the field of vision in your facility with safety mirror even if it is a small business. It serves as a tool to watch burglars or trespassers. You can also keep an eye on your workers if they are doing their job.
  • To improve the field of vision in your facility with safety mirror is less expensive and practical, especially for those who own small businesses. It is more practical than hiring someone to watch over or buying a CCTV camera.
  • To improve the field of vision in your facility with safety mirror offers no maintenance cost. When you use CCTV cameras for security, there is a tendency that it may breakdown so you need time, effort and money to repair it.

There are lots of benefits if you improve the field of vision in your facility with safety mirror. It is an easy way to secure your facility in a less expensive effort. Being practical also plays a vital role in gaining success, especially if you are just new in the industry. Improving the field of vision in your facility with safety mirror is one of the best ways to save money, time and effort. This in turn will allow you to spend your cash, effort and time on focusing more on important things that will lead to your success.

Safety mirrorNowadays, reports about crimes, violation, theft and robbery continuously spread and even if you are at the premises of your property anything can happen. It is true that there is no safe place on earth, so it is important to take security precaution to keep your property, your love ones and yourself safe from any harm that could happen. There are ways to keep your possessions secure from these dangers like installing security camera for your household. However, security camera can be very expensive and people might not afford to purchase one especially those who earn just enough money for their everyday expenses and shelling out extra money for security camera could be hard to attain.

One alternative you can use is to have convex mirror in your household. Convex mirror is a curve shaped mirror where objects that are registered in the mirror become smaller than the original view to provide users with wider visibility. You can put this in areas that are needed to be monitored like parking area and hallway post. And don’t let the threat of looters intimidate you, rely on a convex mirror for surveillance as its great features will be easy for you to spot everything that are happening in a specific area specially those places that have limited visibility and has blind spot.

Don’t let the threat of the lost souls of the society intimidate you, rely on a convex mirror for surveillance by installing it to important places that needs to be monitored. Compared to other things that can be used as a protection or safety device, the convex mirror is much less expensive and anyone could avail to have. Though it may not promise 100 percent security from any harm, it is a guarantee that it’s good in preventing it and the good thing about convex mirror is that it also helps motorist to prevent vehicular accident especially during curves and turns. That is why convex mirror is the type of mirror that is commonly used for motorcycle, cars and other vehicles.

The safety and security features of this convex mirror are exceptional, good use and good money value. Shelling out some extra money to purchase convex mirror for your home driving protection is not a waste of money. You don’t have to sacrifice the safety of your family and yourself so don’t let these threat of looters intimidate you, rely on a convex mirror for surveillance.

When planning to buy convex mirror to be used for your home, it is important to look for manufacturers that offer high quality brand of convex mirrors. A high quality convex mirror is made with good materials that allow it to be durable and unbreakable. Some low end manufacturers of convex mirrors may mislead you by saying their product though cheap have high quality, and you not knowing that it can be easily damage, or scratch can be attracted with the feature because it is less expensive. It is important to know products that not only promise but provide good quality service.

If you are starting to have an establishment like a small grocery or a mall, the first year may flow smoothly but with another four years of dismal growth you’re going to need a convex mirror to combat pilferage. It is important that you are aware of the security devices that you should place in some spots in your establishment. You can prevent any forms of crime from happening in your growing establishment if you know the right security equipment that you should place in the place.

While you are on your way to your second year or when you are looking forward with another four years of dismal growth you’re going to need a convex mirror to combat pilferage and provide a safe establishment for your costumers. By using convex mirrors, you can make sure that you can see a certain area in your establishment in its widest range. You will be assured that you are going to have an easy time of checking different areas in the establishment and be able to lessen the chance of crimes from happening within the vicinity of your establishment.

Security in a certain establishment is one of your major responsibilities as an owner and being able to continuously do it with another four years of dismal growth you’re going to need a convex mirror to combat pilferage. With the wide range that can be seen through the convex mirror, placing it in the aisle or in a doorway can provide security and will make it easy for you to see everything that your customers are doing. It can also be placed in intersections in the establishment where you can still see everything that is happening inside your establishment.

Convex mirrorYou will be assured that with another four years of dismal growth you’re going to need a convex mirror to combat pilferage and avoid cases of shoplifting and theft inside your establishment. The wider view that it can provide will definitely make it easier for your personnel to check every corner of the area where they are designated. The convex mirrors can be considered as one of the simplest and useful security equipment that you can use for preventing shoplifters from doing their thing and even avoid having pilferage from happening in your store. Convex mirrors are the ones that will save you from spending too much on more security personnel to roam around the establishment.

Just make sure that with another four years of dismal growth you’re going to need a convex mirror to combat pilferage and have it placed on its proper places. There are companies that can offer these convex mirrors in different sizes that will be appropriate enough for the area of your store. Aside from the security that it can provide, it is also a convenient solution in ensuring a higher level of protection for the whole establishment. You can now make sure that while your store is growing, you can still maintain the security that you have provided for your customers in a long time. 

Nowadays, you can never tell if the place you are in is safe or not. There are more and more places all over the world that are being prone to crimes. This is certainly true in wherever country you may be staying in. Even though there are many authorities checking all over the place, still, crimes are not being avoided. That is why you yourself should also be watchful in your area, especially if that area has a high crime rate.

You can now keep a watchful eye in high crime areas with a convex mirror. Science advancement and technology have probably Watchful eye convex mirrorchanged lives of people in every possible way. Because of this advancement, people are also able to change the situations of the world for the better. Because of the increasing rates of crime these days, it is becoming gradually important to use and be aware of the safety measures which will surely help them avoid unwanted incidence. One of these safety measures is to keep a watchful eye in high crime areas with a convex mirror. Convex mirror is one of the simplest security devices that you can use in order to avoid and keep an eye on crimes.

With the intelligent use of this particular device, you will be aware of every single thing that will happen within your area. One of the best places to install such device is within shopping stores. Since shopping stores are considered as a common place where crimes happen such as shoplifting, it will be very useful if you install some convex mirrors around the place. If you consider doing this, you will be able to keep a watchful eye in high crime areas with a convex mirror. By just using simple technology and your own intelligence, you may prevent thefts and shoplifts from happening in your store.

However, if you are residing in a certain place and you know that it as a common place for crimes, you can put numerous convex mirrors around your vicinity in which you can surely become attentive. With this strategy, you can already keep a watchful eye in high crime areas with a convex mirror. Therefore, if ever you have observed any unusual occurrences, you can then immediately call or contact the authorities and report to them what you have noticed.

There are different kinds of convex mirrors that you can choose from, which you can install within your area or any other establishments. With these different kinds available, you can surely choose the one that will perfectly fit each corner where you want to install them. It will be very advantageous to use such devices as they will surely give you the maximum use you desire. Another thing that you will appreciate about the thing is its longevity. Even if you will install it outdoors, there will be an assurance that they will not immediately lose their functionality. This is proven true since these mirrors can withstand any extreme weather conditions. So, never miss to keep a watchful eye in high crime areas with a convex mirror.

Convex safety mirrorMirrors are not just intended for good grooming of a certain individual. It is also used in some industries and places wherein its functions are highly required by the management.  However, mirrors have different classifications and each of them have specific purposes.  A great example is the warehouse mirror.

Some of the types of mirrors that can be found somewhere else are convex mirrors, flat mirrors, elevator mirrors, utility mirrors, inspection mirrors and dome mirrors.  Today, various companies are already manufacturing any of these mirror types and deal with other companies which are in need of these items.

The common type of mirrors is the convex mirror.  Convex mirrors are reflecting surface in a spherical form (or any reflecting surfaces made in portion of sphere) wherein they have side surfaces that are bulging and faces the light source.  The automobile enthusiasts oftentimes call it as fish eye mirror while some physics texts name it as diverging mirror.  Diverging mirror is been based on the mirror’s way of making the light rays diverge upon its reflection.  Thus, when a light beam is directed to the convex mirror, it will let the parallel rays making up the beam diverge after striking reflective surfaces.

A convex mirror also belongs to the security and safety type of mirror available nowadays.  It is usually used in most industrial and commercial applications, retail and convenience stores, public and government establishments and even at home.  It is considered as the most versatile type of mirror because of its feature.

Different manufacturing companies for mirrors offer convex mirrors in various lens types according to your needs.  Among these types of convex mirror lenses is the acrylic which is the most common material purchased by the clients. It is also available in rectangular acrylic convex mirrors up to the standard round contour which are used in some applications.  The acrylic mirror is made from highest quality to show a clear reflection and great impact strength including scratch resistance and good stability on UV.  This convex mirror is suitable for outdoor and indoor use for it has proper backing material like the treated hardboard backing and the steel backing.  There are also economy versions without backing.

On the other hand, if you are searching for an ultimate value and durability, look for the brand in a certain company that creates unbreakable or shatterproof characteristics integrated with chemical resistance properties and excellent UV.  However, there are very expensive quality convex mirrors that are being sold from a company and they have outstanding performance above other mirrors.

The convex glass mirror is usually prone to shatter than the acrylic mirror or other unbreakable lenses.  These kind of convex mirrors have a scratch resistant property that is superior.  They fit most for indoor use and they offer a crystal clear reflection but can be very delicate to some applications.  Utilizing the glass outdoors is also possible but is typically not recommended.   The sensitive areas in your facility can be monitored by using convex mirrors so it is more useful than the ordinary mirror you use.

There are a variety of stores selling convex mirrors but be careful when purchasing them.  Small things you may not notice in a photo of the mirror will make a big difference in performance and durability of that mirror.  For example, the way the backing is attached on the convex mirror will make a significant difference.  Many manufacturer’s will cut corners and affix it with a cheap glue.  On who markets all American Made Convex Mirrors you will notice that only top quality products are used.   Mirrorpros buts a rubber casket around the rim to protect it.  The way the mirror is mounted is important as well.  Many manufactures use cheaper hardware and mounting tubes to mount.

Websites that market security and safety mirrors:



Convex mirrorAccidents cannot be avoided from happening especially when there is no specific device that is specifically made to at least lessen it from occurring. Many forms of accidents are happening in more and more places these days. That is why people should consider the things that are capable of avoiding these instances. One of the particular places wherein unwanted incidences usually happen is within parking lots. There are increasing incidences of cars bumping into another car. However, you can avoid this from happening if those parking lots use convex mirrors.

Indeed, parking lots utilizing convex mirrors are safer than those without them. One of the devices that have the capability to avoid unwanted incidents in parking lots is the convex mirror. Convex mirrors are proven effective devices for parking lots. It is also recognized that parking lots utilizing convex mirrors are safer than those without them. Such mirrors have a way of creating rays that are able to diverge once they are reflected. In comparison to other forms of mirrors, like the ordinary ones, convex mirrors offer broader view. That is mainly the reason why cars itself have such convex mirrors so that drivers are capable of seeing more things from their back. These mirrors can also be used as a security device within shopping stores. It is very useful because of its high functionality.

Parking lots utilizing convex mirrors are safer than those without them because it can help assist drivers whenever they are on blind curves. It is proven true as there are lots of establishments that have already showed some reliable evidences. The installation of these convex mirrors within parking lots can highly prevent potential accidents. They are great to be used in underground and circular parking because drivers can avoid unexpected coming vehicles by viewing them on the mirrors. There are types of convex mirrors and each of them has their corresponding uses. Depending on the place where you will install it, you should get the one that is perfectly suited within that particular place. Two of these types are the half and full dome convex mirrors.

Those full domes are commonly used in circular parking lots, while those half dome convex mirrors are usually used for the purpose of security. Any of these two will prove that parking lots utilizing convex mirrors are safer than those without them. This is guaranteed because more and more people are using them already. Those people who experienced accidents in parking lots even suggested immediately installing convex mirrors within those areas to avoid them from happening again.

There are other advantages that you can find if these convex mirrors are installed in most places in parking lots. Aside from accident prevention, using this device can also avoid you from spending huge amount of money. This is especially true since each convex mirror can withstand any harsh weather conditions. It can also last for a long period of time so purchasing a new one may wait for years. Furthermore, it also gives advantage to drivers because if there is no accident occurring, they will not anymore think of spending money for repairing their cars.

There are so many different gadgets, equipments, tools and materials used in various establishments to provide safety and security in a specific place.  Because of the busy schedule, most people cannot personally guard or observe the sensitive areas of their homes or establishments.  Thus, they make use of security aids to reduce the risk in most times.Convex mirror

When it refers to security, there are other things used aside from surveillance cameras and these are the security mirrors.  Mirrors have different classifications and they have specific purposes but the most common type is the convex mirror.  Convex mirrors are also known as diverging or fish eye mirror.  It is a curve mirror wherein the reflective surface is bulging towards the source of light. They reflect the light outwards thus; they are not utilized to focus on light.

Convex mirrors are used in different establishments to detect the people who are getting in and out of their areas.   Another great purpose of these convex mirrors is that is makes the office hallways accident free.  Because of its bulging outward structure, it can provide greater security since the reflection covers greater portion of a designated area.  They are usually mounted on the ceiling or wall of the hallways of some establishment such as offices, hospitals, schools, apartments, hotels and stores.

These convex mirrors are essential for people who are taking the hallways in various buildings most especially in the locations with blind spots or places with limited visibility.  They are also utilized in driveways, alleys and roads to additional safety on the motorists wherein there is lack of visibility most especially at turns and curves.

On the other hand, a convex type of mirror is used in other automated teller machines spots as handy and simple security feature which allows the users to view what is occurring behind them.  It also serves as a device sold to attach into ordinary computer monitors.  There are also other camera phones that make use of convex mirrors to let the users to properly aim the camera when taking self portrait.

Recently, there are many companies that manufacture convex mirrors together with their various types for more specific purposes.  You should also know that a convex mirror have different types and they come in different sizes depending on the areas that you are intended to use it.  In addition to, some service stations, factories and warehouses where there is limited visibility also recognize using convex mirrors.  They are positioned strategically which extend the person’s field of vision to prevent accidents and other risks. It also assists security and safety as well as protects the property and people.

When you do not know what particular type of convex mirror you should have to purchase, there are available sites or companies that offer services to help you out in deciding which can be the best type of mirror to use for a certain building or establishment.  But basically, knowing the real purpose and benefits of convex mirrors will make your job easier and more convenient.